Starting Over

I’m going to try to keep a blog regularly.  Maybe not every day, but often.  Topics will range widely, but I want to use this space to keep track of God’s blessings and answers to prayer; Bible study topics; how Juniper is doing; progress on the house and the property; my health; family visits; what I’ve been reading lately; projects of all kinds; and so on.  There’s going to be a learning curve — for one thing, I need to figure out how to add pictures!

Juniper and Me at church late 2013

Well!  That was easier than I expected!  LOL!  This is Juniper (in the red coat, and happy!) and me, about five years ago.  For anyone reading this who doesn’t know us very well, Juniper was born in 1980 — she’s 38 this year.  She is autistic, functions at about the level of a three-year-old; and has several auto-immune conditions:  celiac disease, vitiligo, probably Sjogren’s Syndrome, and — most serious — lupus.  She has two older sisters: Cedar Sanderson, chemist, and author of Pixie Noir and several other good reads; and Maranatha, who is ‘retired’ from teaching full-time at a Christian school in New Hampshire, and planning self-employment.  Cedar has four children; two will be in college this year (ouch!).

As you might expect, Juniper has been both a blessing and a source of a lot of stress her entire life.  For the last year and a few months, she’s been having an auto-immune flare.  She has obviously not been feeling good (her way of showing this is screaming and shrieking at the top of her lungs, not sleeping, and other behaviors that she doesn’t normally do anymore), and has lost a lot of weight.  I was reluctant to take her to the doctors she usually saw in Oregon because they didn’t seem to think that she or her health was very important.  So when we made the decision to move closer to her older sisters (Cedar lives about four hours from us now, in Ohio) and I found and bought this place in Kentucky, I started looking for a doctor to take her to who would actually care about her.  Found one who I think is pretty good down in Nashville (about two and a half hours drive from us); got some blood work done, and Juniper is on liquid Vitamin D3 and a special anti-inflammatory turmeric/curcumin concoction, and doing somewhat better.  At least she’s ‘there’ again — she was like a zombie — a shrieking screaming zombie — for a while.  We are continuing to work on diet and other factors which are adversely affecting both of our health; trying to stick to the auto-immune protocol diet more strictly, for one thing.

The move was challenging.  I’ve always had trouble with my back, but starting a couple of years ago have been in serious pain a lot of the time, more often than not.  Junior Mad Scientist granddaughter was living with us for a while prior to the move, and she ended up doing much of the packing.  I should have gotten more stuff sorted out before the move, but am working on it now as I unpack boxes.  We are actually nearly to the end of the boxes — I think there are only maybe a dozen or so left to deal with.  But of course those are going to take a lot of my time and mental energy to sort and deal with, because the hardest ones got left for last!  The biggest blessing is that right at the end of our little road, less than half a mile from the house, is a nice little Baptist church.  We haven’t been able to attend very much yet, mostly because of Juniper’s health issues (partly because of my back pain), but I look forward to getting to know the people there and to worshiping with them.  Ever since I was first saved, I’ve wished that we could live within walking distance of our church, and now we do!

There have been a lot of issues with the house — some I knew about, like no kitchen (just an empty room, no cabinets or anything) and no flooring, just the sub-floor.  Some I suspected could be a problem but was hoping wouldn’t be (all the plumbing needed to be re-done — there were leaks all over under the house; and the wiring is a mishmash of old and new).  And some things we weren’t expecting — well pump needing to be replaced; split water line between the well and the house.  Ah, well, I really bought it for the location — figured the house was at least solid and had a good roof!  And it’s paid for, which means a lot to me.

I’m working on reading through the New Testament this summer, plus Psalms.  It’s always interesting to read some of Matthew Henry’s take on the different passages.  Amazes me to see the insight that he had, and really points up how much our modern education is horribly lacking.  Though I suppose even back then only a few believers had the depth of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom that he had.  We do have a few even in our day….




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