Doing Dishes…in the Bathtub

Well, at least most of the dirty dishes are IN the bathtub!  I did wash some of them, but my back doesn’t like doing that for very long at a time.  The kitchen looks a lot better, though, without dirty dishes all over the place!

I think I’m going to call the plumber again on Monday, if the drain is still clogged by then (and it probably will be, sigh).  I tried plunging the kitchen sink again this morning, to no avail, though I do think that it’s draining at a slightly faster drip than it was pre-plunging.

I had to snake as well as plunge the toilet this morning because *someone* (not me) decided it was a good place to dispose of partially-eaten apples.  Once I got that running again, I noticed that the bathroom sink was draining slowly (it’s been fine), so I dumped some of the enzymes down it.

The hamburger in the frig had finally thawed enough to do something with it today, so I made that meatloaf I’ve been kind of craving.  The microwave works just fine for making meatloaf!  It needed to cook longer than I expected (at least half an hour, total), even though I made the center much shallower than the edges.  But it turned out just fine.

I did get the beds made this morning (Juniper only slept in one bed — the double bed downstairs, so that’s a good thing!).  She got a bath this morning, and I combed her hair out afterwards and gave her a ponytail — it hasn’t been long enough to do that for a long time!  I really do need to cut it, though.  It’s easier to take care of when it’s short, and I think it looks better.

Did my Bible study, of course (that’s become almost automatic, thank you, Lord!).

Did one load of laundry — then found several washcloths in the bathtub that I’d missed.  (This may seem like to-much-information, but right now I’m using washcloths in lieu of toilet paper BECAUSE *someone* — yes, the same *someone* who was putting partially eaten apples in the toilet — has been putting ALL of the toilet paper down the toilet just as soon as I get a new roll out of the plastic tub where they are stored.  I figure she’ll get over it eventually, but in the meantime, TP is too expensive to waste like that, and I’m tired of having to plunge the toilet.)  Oh, well, the washcloths are seed for the next load of laundry, I guess.  But I got all of the first load folded and put away!  Yay!  We now officially have no laundry piles anywhere in the house!

About the only other thing I’ve accomplished today was a major de-cluttering of my e-books.  I got rid of around two-thirds of them.  It’s much easier to find what I want to read now, and all the books I started to read and figuratively threw against the wall are no longer there staring defiantly in my face.  Yes, I’m a picky reader, LOL!  Much pickier than I used to be.  I did read one book, A Bride for Donnigan by Janette Oke.  I like her stuff better than I used to, and there was a lot of wisdom in this one, a story about a mail-order bride, and her husband’s search for peace with God.

Tomorrow is another day.  Thank you, Lord, for this one!

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