More Than I Thought!

I got more done yesterday than I realized at first!  Between plunging the kitchen sink again (mostly unsuccessfully) and plunging the toilet (thankfully, that one was successful!), I cleared out around 800 e-books from my Amazon Kindle account.  I’ve started to do this project a couple of times before, but never managed to get more than a few books deleted.  (And there are a few that HAVE been deleted, and still show up on my Fire, though I can’t open them.  I do not know what is up with that!)  This might not seem like a huge big whoopty-do, but those books had been bothering me for quite a while — not, perhaps, as much as the physical clutter in the house, but every time I looked through my e-books, I cringed.

You have to understand, I am a voracious reader.  I am addicted to reading.  I learned to read — and read well; Mom and I used to argue over who got to read the Reader’s Digest magazine first when it came — when I was five: I can’t really remember ever NOT being able to read), and ever since then, if I’m not doing something else, I’m reading.  When I was younger, I would race through as many as seven books in one night (and suffer for it at school the next day).  I’m not talking about children’s picture books, either.  I don’t stay up until three am to finish a stack of books very often anymore (alright, maybe once or twice a year, if a really good book comes my way), but I do still read a lot.  So Kindle Unlimited has been like crack cocaine for me.  And the free books Amazon offers daily?  Wow!

KU isn’t so bad, because you can only check out ten books at a time (they had to have lost a lot of money on me, though).  But the free books?  Those I accumulated like a miser accumulates money.  Some of them were good — I’ve got quite a few of my favorite old classics, for example, and some really good books on theology and the Bible.

But some were pure trash, or so badly written, or so obviously message fiction, or so historically inaccurate, that I couldn’t get more than a few pages in (sometimes only a few WORDS in) without wanting to throw the book against the wall.  It was only fairly recently that I figured out how to delete books I didn’t want to keep, so there was this huge stash of books on my account that bugged me every time I looked through them.  It’s a real relief to have things cleaned up.  And now when I find a book that’s not worth keeping, I will delete it right away.  Same principle as with the house — get rid of the clutter, and enjoy peace of mind!

Sunday:  No, didn’t go to church this morning again.  Juniper is still not a happy camper, though she is better than she was yesterday.  (And this appears to be turning into a multi-day post.)  Also, while I did give her some ibuprofen yesterday, I forgot to take any myself (and have to limit what I take, because it starts to make my stomach hurt after a while), and my back isn’t great this morning.

Juniper still had two big boxes of toys upstairs (since the original plan was for the upstairs to be her bedroom, with space for visiting girls when they were here).  I went through those this morning before I even got dressed, and most of the contents are going to Goodwill.  I kept her art supplies and a few other things, but most of it she just doesn’t play with.  If she ever wants a baby doll again, I’m sure we can find one for her.

Monday:  Bright and early we went to Columbia and picked up a kitchen island! It’s two feet by three feet, with a drop-leaf on either end so it can be as big as five feet long.  There’s one shallow drawer; a door with two shelves behind it (it has a door on the back, too, so it’s easy to access); and two more open shelves.  It’s just the right size for the middle of our kitchen.  I’m going to need to find places for all of the stuff that we put on the plastic storage shelves, and find another place for the shelves (probably in the small barn, to hold boxes of canning jars).  Eventually I may put some other shelves there that will be easier to clean.  Or possibly cover the plastic shelves with something easier to clean (the shelves are molded and have cavities in them, which are going to collect dirt, and will be hard to clean).

I have said several times, and still believe, that my GPS was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  However….LOL!  I think you all know what I’m going to say here!  I decided to try an alternate route this morning, going down to Columbia, and it took us down a little narrow road that turned into gravel and then dirt, and then it had a stream crossing it, LOL!  I could probably have gone through the water at this time of the year, with my 4-W-D pickup, but decided it probably wasn’t such a good idea without knowing whether the road was going to improve on the other side.  And even with the detour, we were only a couple of minutes late.

Juniper has regressed somewhat, almost back to where she was a few weeks ago.  I’m blaming the excess of sun that she got the other day.  It’s sad, but the sun is poison for her.  If she starts wanting to go out again when the sun is out, I’m going to have to lock the house up again.

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